Everyone’s In:

An Inclusive Planning Tool

E kore te matau e rawe ki te moana takai ai, engari anō a uta.

It is not proper to prepare the hook at sea, rather it should be done on shore.

Haere Mai! Welcome!

This tool will help you develop classroom curriculum that works for all of your students, from the outset.

This tool will build on your professional knowledge of inclusive practice within the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). Inclusion involves working together to know and value every student, and to meet their learning needs.

Your plans

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How will this tool help my teaching?

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  • You’ll explore some of the key ideas of Universal Design for Learning and how they will improve your practice.
  • You’ll identify some inclusive teaching and learning strategies to meet the needs of all your students.
  • You’ll reflect on adaptation and differentiation, and where it fits in your planning.
  • You’ll use this tool a few times and it will impact positively on your teaching practice, as a whole.
  • You’ll end up with a customised plan of inclusive strategies for teaching and learning.

How this
tool works

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  1. Enter information about a lesson, unit, or inquiry you are planning.
  2. Explore ways that you could include all your students.
    This tool provides a sample of inclusive strategies to get you thinking about what you do already and what you could do differently.
    Save inclusive strategies that you would like to incorporate into your practice.
  3. Plan adaptations or differentiations if required.
  4. At the end of the tool, you’ll have a customised plan of inclusive strategies!
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